So You Treatments

Davines Instant OI 
Hydrates and softens hair

Locks in colour and gives a glossy finish

from 15.00

from 15.00

Malibu Treatments 

Remove build-up from exposure to pool, spa and ocean water. Lift out green discolouration caused by copper build up and remove the chlorine odour. 

from 30.00

Colour Correction
Eliminate invisible minerals and oxidisers and remove product build up that prevent true colour from taking. 

from 30.00

Brighten dull blondes, lift out brassiness and revitalise blondes. 

from 30.00

Crystal Gel
Prime hair ready for chemical services. 

from 40.00

Hydrate and Repair Express 

Relax with a hydrating treatment to restore moisture back in to your hair. Unwind with a full head massage finished with hot towels leaving your hair feeling beautifully smooth and soft. 

Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask (15 minutes)

 from 30.00

Full Deluxe 

Let yourself go with our luxurious strengthening and conditioning treatment. Our protein treatment will rebuild your hair from the inside out to add strength and repair damage, while under heat you will receive a hand massage followed by hot towels and hand cream. Then breathe and enjoy a tranquil head massage. You will leave feeling completely relaxed with strengthened, smooth and hydrated hair.

Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask + Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask (30 minutes)

See below for a preview (shown in video is our signature So You blow wave to finish at extra cost)

Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Restructuring Miracle and Vegetarian Miracle (30 minutes)

from 45.00

Scalp Specifics 

Moroccanoil (15 minutes)
Treatment for either oily or dry scalp.

from 20.00

Energize (30 minutes)
Treatment for fragile scalps and hair that is prone to falling out, it stimulates skin micro-circulation.

from 45.00

Purify (30 minutes)
Treatment for scalps with dry or greasy dandruff.

from 45.00

Detoxify (45 minutes)
Deep cleansing treatment for the scalp and hair. Removes build up in the hair, dust and smog particles.

from 60.00

Re-plump (30 minutes)
Treatment that re-plumps/fills in limp hair to give body, elasticity and shine, perfect for all hair types.

from 45.00

* Prices do not include cost of shape and style or blow dry.
** All prices are subject to change depending on length and thickness of hair.