6th Feb, 2019

Welcome OWAY

Introducing Oway -  Organic Way. 

We are so excited to be Wellingtons first salon offering the stunning new haircare range from Oway. This high end sustainable brand has been on our salons radar for over a year and we are so excited to finally be able to introduce you to not only the incredible story behind Oway but the stunning results you, the client will experience.

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The Oway Story

Trading since 1948, Rolland is an Italian company that began by providing essences and perfumes for some of the high end market. 

This naturally transitioned into the hairdressing sector where they became the first company to produce hairspray, styling and finishing products using natural extracts. 

By continuously researching ethical and sustainable beauty, they have managed to year after year supply the most exclusive hair and beauty salons with the most innovative formulas and treatments dedicated to the ultimate hair and beauty experience. 

Oway was launched, and with it's foundation set in it's natural, biodynamic, organic formulation on a clean chemistry that offers concrete and real results.

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Oway is accredited with two integrated quality certificates, ISO9001 and ISO22716. These two certificates are to only awarded to companies with the highest quality control in management systems, product control and manufacturing. 

Oway is also a certified PETA cruelty free recognised company and does not, nor ever will test on animals. 

To preserve the purity of the products, water which is a raw material of many cosmetics and a carrier of microbes and bacteria must be purified to prevent contamination. For Oway preserving the purity of the product is a must, so the water in them goes through two natural purifying treatments, reverse osmosis and ozonisation. Thanks to this double passage, Oway obtains microbiologically pure water without subjecting equipment and products to ionising radiation and without resorting to the use of chemical disinfectants. 

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 So what is the BIODYNAMIC METHOD? 

To grow something biodynamically means to cultivate in the purest method possible. No pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or synthetic fertilisers used in the conventional method of agriculture. 

The fundamental driving forces behind this methodology is to;

1. Keep the plants healthy without using any chemical substances. 

2. Keep the soil fertile in cultivation. 

3. Rely on the moon influence on proper harvesting and sowing. 

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Sustainable packaging

Oway products are packaged in 100% glass and aluminium resulting in zero unnecessary packaging. 

The Amber glass protects the botanical extracts contained in the formulas from UV rays. 

Aluminium is extremely protective and corrosion resistant. 

Both glass and aluminium and 100% recyclable materials. 

Oway even has its own timber farm where they make the timber stands for the aluminium tubes. Any offcuts are kept and used for heating the oway laboratories and buildings. In fact everything used is a natural material like wood, glass, cotton, recycled paper and cardboard and metal. 

Renewable Energy

Oway has chosen to use renewable energy in it's production facilities, using the cleanest, most natural and inexhaustible source available to our planet, the sun. 

Here at So You we also use renewable energy. For us the wind made a whole lot of sense...I'm sure all Wellingtonians will understand that logic. Davines, the other incredible company we partner with also uses only renewable energy in their production and manufacturing.

So everything you buy and experience at So You Hair comes from renewable energy. Where's Al Gore, he owes us a high five?!

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So what does this mean for you, the client?

We believe that all So You Hair clients like us believe in loving and nurturing our planet, so we know that with us now partnering with the two leading sustainable haircare companies in the world, we are doing our very best to provide you with the very best service and after care you could possibly want. 

We knew from the very first week we opened our sample pack that our clients were going to love this range, and for the many of you that got the chance to use the products through December, you expressed as much. 

We discovered a miracle range in the Silk'n glow shampoo system. If you have frizz, this is the best thing we have ever tried!!

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They are slightly pricier than the Davines essentials range, but with the added advantage (once we set it up) to take advantage of our re-fillable station. You can bring back your empty glass bottles and we can fill them up PLUS you get a green discount for doing so. 

We are so excited to embark on this incredible green journey with you all, and if you have any ideas for how we can continue to become more sustainable we are all ears. 

Abbie xo