15th Jun, 2016

Who else is jumping on the LOB train?

There’s no question that the lob has really come into the forefront of modern hairstyles and is definitely becoming the modern classic of the moment.

So who else is swapping their long locks and why?
The most recent of the converts for the month are none other than the Queen herself Victoria Beckham. Victoria has always been a bit of a hair chameleon with cuts that set trends. From the blunt bob to the unforgettable graduated bob that EVERYONE wanted, including myself. To say that recently she has been fairly tame almost to the point of boring with her long locks is fair, however when she recently gave her hairdresser Ken Paves the go ahead for the chop the Queen VB fans rejoiced. Before everyone starts breaking out the platforms and the Spice Girls greatest hits album, VB has chosen a softer style this time round, opting to wear her lob in loose waves rather than the straight blunt style from the wannabe days.
Next to the chopping shop was Kendall Jenner. Now we feel that Kendall is the hottest sister of one of the most famous families in Hollywood. Now supermodels don’t usually go too bold with their hair but it seems that Kendall is ready to rock the shorter chicer look by following in big sister Khloe’s footsteps.
Tell us what you think. Do you prefer them long or lobbed?